Aluminium Residential Doors in Kent from 1st Independent Windows

Aluminium doors

Aluminium's physical properties, such as low thermal expansion and contraction and inherent strength, result in door frames that are extremely stable. Their stability and rigidity provides exceptional water-tightness and wind resistance so that heat losses are reduced. A special layer called a thermal break, which prevents heat loss, is incorporated into aluminium.

Security is what makes a house into a home, whether you are out or at home you want the reassurance that your home is safe. High security shoot bolts top and bottom to secure the door in a total of six places. The three bolts are hook shaped to prevent the door being levered away from the frame. With secure multipoint locking as standard, turning the handle shoots high strength metal bolts in opposite directions to firmly locate into die cast keeps in the metal doorframe. They are then further secured with a central key operated handle, which adds an extra level of security.

Whatever the style of your home there is a wide choice of door configurations, sizes and colours as well as a choice of matching and contrasting hardware, and you can rest assured that it will last and stay looking good whilst remaining safe and secure.

Aluminium doors

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